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Marriage Delay Simple Astrological Remedies to Get Your Child Married Soon

If your daughter or son is not getting married, try these powerful remedies

As soon as the daughter is eligible for marriage, the parents start getting worried. In search of a suitable groom, his efforts intensify. With all efforts, try these measures will also get success.

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On Thursdays , go to the temple of Vishnu-Lakshmi ji and offer a bead (kalangi (which is above the fog)) to Vishnu. Offer 5 gram flour laddus together. The wedding will happen soon.

Girls take a bath in a yellow color on any Thursday morning. Then made Besan ke Laddus himself. Laddus should be of whatever size, but they should be numbered 108. Then in a yellow basket, spread the yellow cloth and put those 108 laddus in it.

Keep Dakshina according to the tribute. Go to a nearby Shiva temple , resolve for the peace and compatibility of Guru planet for marriage, give all the goods to a Brahmin. Come to your home after praying to Shiva-Parvati.

Keep in mind that the powder of Besan, from which the laddus are made, will come into full use, do not remain in the house nor should any laddus be used in the house. Do all the work in amrit, auspicious Chaughdiya, without being angry.

One should chant any of the following mantras in the auspicious time for removing obstacles in marriage.

* Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginayadhishwari.
Kuru Te Namah in Nandagopasutam Dev and Pati.

** OM Devendrani Namastubhya Devendrapriya Bhamini

Marriage Delay Remedies

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