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Chant this Durga Mantra on Wednesdays for Success in Business, Career, Avoid Marriage Delay

Wednesday is not only Ganapati Ji but also of Mother Durga. If you chant some mantras of your Goddess Durga on every Wednesday, you will get huge success in all you do and all your prayers will come true.

There are nine forms of Maa Durga. Various wishes of ours  can be fulfilled and fruits can be obtained by properly worshiping Maa Durga.  Any worship performed with a pure mind with full reverence and faith in mind never goes in vain. The Mother is a scholar of wealth, happiness and wealth. The wish of every devotee who goes to his feet is fulfilled without fail.

Goddess Durga should be worshiped exclusively on Wednesday. On this day, some powerful Durga Mantrasshould also be chanted, especially to the students, debt-ridden and people struggling with family unrest. Let us know the various mantras of mother and chant them every Wednesday.

Students should chant this Mantra:

Goddess Saraswati is the form of Mother Durga. On Wednesday, worship this form of Maa Durga and the students surely bow their head at the feet of the mother and take blessings of Vidya. A student  should chant the Mantra

‘Oon Aur Hin Cle Mahansaraswati Devai Namah’

while worshiping Mother Durga. Mother gives intelligence, knowledge and sharp memory to those who chant this powerful Mantra.

Chant this Mantra for Family Peace:

If there is always discord and tension in your family,  then it will be necessary for you to chant another Durga Ma  Chalisa.

‘Ya devi! Sarvabhuteshu Shanti Rupane Sansthan! Namastasai Namastasayai Namastasayai Namo Namah! ‘

The chanting of Mantra makes the grace of Mother at home and removes homelessness and disturbance.

Chant this Mantra if you want Freedom from Debt:

To get rid of debt, one should worship Lakshmi Swaroop of Maa Durga, If you say this mantra in front of Maa Durga on Wednesday, then you will be completely free from debt.

‘Ya devi! Sarvabhuteshu Lakshmirupen Sansthan! Namastasai Namastasayai Namastasayai Namo Namah! ‘

Chant this Mantra for Early Marriage:

Those young men who are getting obstacles in marriage or are unable to find a suitable girl for marriage, then they should chant the special mantra of Mother Durga.

‘Ya Manorama Dehi! Mano Cratanu Sariniam Tariniam Durg Sansara Sagarsya Kulodbhwam. ‘

Do chant this mantra every Wednesday.

To avoid delay in getting married, young girls should chant the Mantra below:

‘ Un Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginya Dhishwari! Chant the Kutute Namah Mantra in Nand Gop Sutam Devi Patins”

Chant this Durga Mantra on Wednesdays for Success in Business, Career, Avoid Marriage Delay


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