Do any of these 18 Deeds on Akshaya Tritiya, You will become Rich for Sure

Vaishak Shukla Paksha Tritiya is called Akshaya Tritiya. This time the Mahaparava of Akshaya Tritiya is on 26 April 2020 . On this day Manglik work, Mundan, Shaadi-Vivah, first time kitchen touch of daughter-in-law, inauguration of shop, commencement of business and all auspicious works are done.

The donation given on Akshaya Tritiya will never go waste. You will get its fruit for many births along with this birth.

Know about 18 such divine deeds out of which, if you have done 2 as per your convenience, then you will be rich.

1. Feed people sweet and drink cold water on this day.

2. Also to save the people from heat, donate umbrellas, matki and fans to the needy.

3. Get water coolers installed in temples and feed sweets while making bhandara. This will give you the virtue that can never be lost.

4. worship Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Lakshmi on the Akshaya Tritiya Day with sweets

5. The recitation of Shri Vishnushastranam and the recitation of Shri Sukta will provide wealth, fame, rank and prestige in life.

6. Offer a yellow flower to Lord Vishnu and start a pooja by wearing a yellow cloth and lighting 9 lamps of ghee on the Akshaya Tritiya Day.

7. Those who are suffering from diseases must read Ram Raksha Stotra on this Day.

8. Purchase silver coins and gold jewelery on Akshaya Tritiya.

9. Wear new clothes and donate food and fruits in the temple.

10. Distribution of sweets, water and fruits in hospitals leads to infinite virtue.

11. On this day, donating the religious book to your friends and scholars pleases Dev Guru Brihaspati.

12. Students should pledge hard work on this day. Students should be determined and take a pledge before God today that we will work hard from today onwards and touch the feet of parents and receive blessings as well as the blessings of the Guru, because the blessings of mother, father and master on the day which will be eternally fruitful.

13. One can start any auspicious work on this Mahaparva. Vehicles can be purchased. Marriage and any auspicious work etc. can be done.

14. Always donate umbrellas on this day. Make arrangements to provide water to people wherever you can.

15. Use Sattu in food. Sattu Daan is very important on this day.

16. Donate water containers and puja plates, bells etc. in the temple.


Do any of these 18 Deeds on Akshaya Tritiya, You will become Rich for Sure


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