Akshaya Tritiya – Do these 4 Tasks to End Your Bad Luck and Bring Fortunes

Do these 4 things on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, bad luck will end, good luck will rise immediately for you

Those who have ‘Pitra-Dosh’ in their horoscope, should keep homemade water and pure water in a pot for their ancestors on a clean place or temple in the morning on the day of ‘Akshaya-Tritiya’. Pray for the satisfaction of your ancestors by lighting a sun-lamp under the peepal tree.

After that, without looking back, return straight back to your home, keep in mind that while doing this, do not look at others on the way. By doing this, your ancestors fathers will get satisfied and offer their blessings.

Other actions:

1. For happiness and peace at home: Tie 11 Gomti Chakras in red silk cloth and keep them in a place of worship in a silver box, always maintains an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the house.

2. For Profits in Business: By tying 27 Gomti Chakras in yellow or red silk cloth to the main gate of your establishment, there will be an unexpected profits and gains in the business.

3. For Growth in Job: If there are obstacles in Karmakshetra or there is hindrance in promotion, then it is beneficial to offer 13 Gomti Chakras on the Shiva Lingam in the temple on the day of ‘Akshaya-Tritiya’, remembering your wishes.

4. For Luck and Fortune: For Bhagyoday, on the day of ‘Akshaya-Tritiya’, as soon as morning arises, first grind the 11 Gomti Chakras and make them powder, then spread this powder in front of the main door of your house, remembering your God. With this experiment, the bad luck of the seeker ends in a few days.

Akshaya Tritiya - Do these 4 Tasks to End Your Bad Luck and Bring Fortunes

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