Simple & Powerful Sade Sati Remedies for Makar Rashi

Shaneeswarn moves from one zodiac to another zodiac every two and a half years. The auspicious and inauspicious effects of Saturn on the natives due to slow movement lasts for a long time. In any zodiac sign where Saturn’s seven and half years transit Sadesati), Dhaiyya (Ashtama Sani) and Mahadasha are going on, they will have many problems. On January 24, last Saturn transited to Capricorn on Amavasya day. In such a situation, the first phase of Saturn’s Saturn on Aquarius has begun. This is the second phase of seven and half years Sadesati for Capricorn and third phase for Sagittarius.

Ashtama Sani phase for those born in Gemini and Arthashtama Sani period for those born in Virgo sign. Saturn’s bed will remain on Taurus and Virgo.

If you are born in one of those signs, you should do the following remedies to escape from the ill-effects of Saturn’s adverse movements.

First Remedy:

If you are running with seven and half years of Sani phase, wrap the root of the Shami tree (Banni Tree Root) in a black cloth and tie it in the right hand on Saturday evening and chant the Bheej Mantra –

“Om Praan Preen Praun Sa Saneeswaraya Namah” for 41 times.

Second Remedy:

The recitation of Shiva Sahastranam or Panchakshari Mantra of Lord Shiva put the fear of Saturn’s wrath away and drive away all obstacles and you will be successful in whatever you do. By this remedy, the negative result from Saturn will be completely eliminated.

Third Remedy:

To remove the problems associated with Shani in your horoscope, recite Sundara Kand and go to the temple of Hanuman Ji on Saturdays and offer some sweet prasad according to your ability.

This Mantra is quite effective for calming the wrath of Shani Dev

“Surya Putro Deergh Deho Vishaalaaksh: Shiv Priy: Mandaachaaraah Prasannaatma Peedaan Dahatu Mein Shani

Fifth Remedy:

Plant shami in the house and worship it regularly. This will not only remove Vastu defects in your home, but will also keep the grace of Shani Dev.

Sixth Remedy:

Offer blue Aparajita flowers to Shani Dev on Saturday and light a lamp with black wick and sesame oil. Also, read Shani Stotra written by Dasaratha Maharaj on Saturdays

Simple & Powerful Sade Sati Remedies for Makar Rashi Sayeeram Astrologer

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